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Commercial manager

Linda Scholte

Linda is from Emmen but has been living happily in "the beautiful Apeldoorn" for several years. She ensures that companies that have never worked with KOP before experience what it's like to have their booth or interior taken care of by KOP. Every week, she travels across the country to visit clients and discuss their goals and desires. She then translates these discussions into the most beautiful designs together with the designers at the office.

I sometimes compare my job to someone who is deeply in love: it either leads to nothing or to ultimate happiness! You feel that tension when you're working on a complex or special project. Will it be well-received? Are we doing it right? It's a fantastic journey to experience.

Did you know...

Best band:

Coldplay, and currently 'Whatever It Takes' by Imagine Dragons is also a favorite. Additionally, she always listens to Italian music before she has to give a presentation; very relaxing!

What's Lindas favorite thing to do:

The text translates from Dutch to American English as: "Cooking deliciously and exercising a lot. She practices gymnastics on the trampoline and often goes to the gym. She also plays sports at KOP and was part of the mountain biking team #aanKOP for Duchenne Heroes.

KOP in 1 sentence:

Ambitious, determined, and a real team.

Favorite holiday destination:

She is in a place where she is surrounded by nature and feels an ultimate sense of freedom. Sri Lanka, Borneo, and Malaysia have already been checked off her bucket list.

KOP Expo - Rabobank - Provada 2019 - Rai Amsterdam - Standbouwfotografie #3175(lr)

Most memorable project

"I have sold many different types of projects. Each project is different. I sit at the table with many different types of organizations. Translating the customer's needs into a booth where that is reflected remains a beautiful challenge with any customer and something to be proud of when it succeeds.

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Linda Kantoor