Martijn Diks
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Martijn Diks

Martijn works in the field service department at KOP. He is a truck driver and ensures that all the goods are delivered to their destinations safely and on time. This means he is quite familiar with both Dutch and foreign roads. He is involved in setting up and dismantling exhibitions, interior design, and is often found at the office preparing a project for departure. Martijn also lends a hand in the workshop when needed. In his free time, you can find him with his friends at Go Ahead Eagles, where he holds a season ticket.

After such a long time, things are still going very well at KOP. You can do your own thing and have a lot of freedom in your work. Additionally, you are also responsible for setting up and dismantling a booth and the interior design.

Did you know...

Best show ever:


To a deserted island:

Does Martijn bring his music speaker. He always takes it to the construction site and on the way as well.

Ultimate day off:

Have a great workout

Best music:

Is it hardstyle or hardcore, especially when combined with a great party or a festival.

Intex _Spoga Gafa 2018_Keulen_Standbouw_Def02 kopie

Most memorable project

Personally, I find Intex to be one of the most enjoyable booths. Not because it's particularly unique, but because the collaboration with the client is always really pleasant. That's also what we do it for – working together with the client to achieve a great result.

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Martijn Diks