Bram Luhukay
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Bram Luhukay

Bram is a furniture maker at KOP, working in the workshop on the most beautiful booths and interiors. He lives in Apeldoorn and spends his free time extensively on jewelry making. It requires a lot of creativity and an eye for detail. Often, the most beautiful things come out of it; for example, he once made a small silver violin with every detail in its place. It always starts with a sketch and ends up as something unique.

The atmosphere at KOP is very positive, and the work is enjoyable. The job requires creative thinking and problem-solving skills to ensure it's always a success.'

Did you know..

To a deserted island:

Bram is bringing his grandson along! A cheerful little guy who will surely make the day enjoyable.

Best musician ever:

Rick Astley.

best holiday destination:

Las Vegas.

Ultimate day off:

It consists of being productive at home while always having music on.


Most memorable project

Over the past few years, I've been involved in numerous projects. I particularly enjoy and find challenging projects that involve custom work and intricate shapes. Take, for example, the reception desk from our own booth at Euroshop. Due to the desk's shape, it was quite challenging, but that's what makes it enjoyable. I'm proud of the end result.

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Bram Luhukay