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Production / realisation

Marco Poelman

If you ever need a self-built motorcycle or car, then our production team leader Marco is the right person to turn to. He is currently working on a Eend pick-up truck that was once ready for the scrapyard but will soon be as good as new!

Marco is responsible for the distribution of production work, procurement planning, and much more. All to ensure that the necessary materials and parts are available to create the booth or interior.

The best part about my job is creating things. At KOP, you can do that very well! Whether it's from metal, wood, or iron, I try to make something beautiful out of everything.

Did you know...

Can wake him for:

White chocolate mousse

Also known as:

The handy guy!

Brings to a deserted island:

A knife, so he can assemble everything by himself.

KOP in 1 word:


Best holiday destination:

Peru, where he has been 10 years ago.

KOP Expo - Mimaki - Fespa 2019 - München - Stand Photography #2615(lr)

Most memorable project

The surprising impact of a booth is something that never ceases to amaze me. I work on a small part of a booth, and when you see the whole thing, it's often exciting. The mirrored wall I got to create for Mimaki was personally enjoyable and challenging. It ended up having a unique effect.

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