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Finance & PA

Angela van der Mast

If you've ever called KOP (if not, what are you waiting for?), there's a good chance you spoke with Angela. At KOP, she's in charge of financial documents and all personnel matters. And as if that's not enough, she also supports Marius in his tasks. She lives in the lovely Beekbergen with her partner, Wieger. Outside of Beekbergen, Angela can be found in many other places throughout the year. Plan a spontaneous trip and Angela will be there. She might go skiing in Austria for a couple of days or tell you on a Monday morning that she spent the weekend in Paris.

‘’KOP in one word: sparkling. At KOP, everything happens, from the very first step to the final result. Both the very first step of bringing in customers and the ultimate realization all take place under one roof, and I find that very sparkling to see.’’

Did you know...

You can wake her for:

Rather not! But if you do wake me up, you can always take me on a spontaneous outing.

In her time of:

Enjoying the outdoors, exercising, running, mountain biking, motorcycling (on my own Ducati Monster), hiking, traveling, or engaging in spontaneous activities.

Best show:

Lupin & Undercover.

Favorite holiday destination:

In South Africa, I made a round trip, snorkeled in the middle of nowhere, went on safari, and saw elephants up close. Also, Guatemala and Australia are very high on my list of most beautiful destinations.

Favorite food:

I actually like everything, but sushi is one of my favorites

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