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Lisa Duiker

Creative Lisa is a designer at KOP, where she conceives and meticulously elaborates on new booth and interior designs. She knows exactly how to translate the wishes, needs, and ideas of clients into what she calls a visual world. Every morning, she commutes all the way from Assen to Vaassen, where she lives with her two cats, Hiro and Maze. 

"What makes working at KOP so enjoyable is that every day you contribute to a part of a larger whole. When all these pieces come together and the client is happy with the end result, I get a tremendous sense of fulfillment."

Did you know...

Can't stand:


Favorite food:

Lamb burgers with avocado, goat cheese, flatbread, and mint.

How would friends describe you:

Calm, cheerful, a bit quirky, creative, and always wanting to be different from others.

Best holiday destination:

Indonesia, I've been there for three weeks. You find yourself in such a different environment, which is truly inspiring. The colors, scents, wildlife, and everything else are different. What was less enjoyable was the jungle filled with yellow and black spiders as big as your hand!

You can wake her for:

All kinds of cheese.

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