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Project manager

Eelco Nuesink

Project manager Eelco hails from the Achterhoek region. He lives there with his wife, children, and yes, 2 little pigs that roam around in the yard. He loves tinkering and renovating, so he's always busy with some project or another. Every day, he trades his rural haven for KOPexpo, where he thoroughly enjoys his work. Once a booth or interior design is conceptualized and worked out for a client, he ensures that everything comes together, exactly to the client's liking. That's his favorite moment of the day: when the client is satisfied with the end result.

‘As a project manager, you're not confined to the office; you also hit the road. This brings a lot of variety to your work. Furthermore, each project is unique, and you deal with different clients every time.’

Did you know...

Really good at:

Keeping calm (at least for the outside world)

Best holiday destination:

Mongolia. After a year of traveling the world with his wife – from Moscow to Malaysia – Mongolia takes the top spot.

Also know as:

Calm and relaxed

Can wake him for:

He might not know it right off the bat, but he has awakened his wife for a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Good move, Eelco!

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Most memorable project

I am only satisfied when a customer is happy and positive about their booth, and it can often be in the smallest details. For example, recently, a customer mentioned that there was already a trash bag in the trash can, and I could then make the remark, "In fact, the spare bags are stored at the bottom." That's what I do it for! Being able to provide that little extra.

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