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Rowan van der Veen

Rowan is an Online Marketer at KOP. He is responsible for ensuring that KOP stands out online, from being easily discoverable to sending out newsletters and developing new online strategies. Together with his colleagues, he ensures that KOP's knowledge and expertise are spread online.

In his free time, Rowan is passionate about sports. He watches a lot of soccer and is the trainer/coach of a social team, where the third half is taken as seriously as the first and second. He also frequents the gym several times a week and enjoys traveling.

‘’The great thing about my job as an online marketer is that it's incredibly diverse. From combining data to developing an online strategy, it's very varied! It gives me a lot of satisfaction when we get a new client through our online channels.’’ 

Did you know...

Best holiday destination:

New Zealand, I went there a few years ago. Besides the beautiful landscape, they also have a lot of delicious beers.

Can't stand:

Cyclists not signaling direction on the roundabout.

Beste show ever:

If I really have to choose, Peaky Blinder.

Lekkerste eten:

De Italiaanse keuken. 


Most memorable project

"I don't personally contribute to the projects we deliver. In my role as a marketer, I do see a lot of projects come by. I think we deliver really beautiful projects. I personally find the interior for 100% Football very cool. This is because I'm a football fan myself and the interior really 'breathes' football!

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