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Anne Steltenpool

Anne is a designer at KOP, where she conceives and meticulously develops new booth and interior designs. From concept to technical drawings, she knows exactly how to channel her creativity. As a result, she manages to create something that meets the customer's needs and requirements. She lives in Zwolle with her boyfriend Mark and their Labradoodle, Teddy.

"At KOP, we operate as a team. We collaborate with each other and elevate one another to a higher level. We achieve this by brainstorming together and assisting each other where necessary. This way, we truly work together to create a great end product."

Did you know...

Can't stand:

If people don't listen to each other.

Favorite food:

I often make sushi and poke bowls myself. Additionally, I also enjoy preparing dishes I've never made before.

Beste show:

Stranger Things.

Best holiday destination:

Croatia, the Krka waterfalls are truly amazing. Incredibly green and super blue. Besides the fact that the whole country is stunning, I used to always go to Croatia with my parents, brother, and sister.

Can wake her for:

Chocolate with praline.

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