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Project manager

Luuk Elfring

Luuk works as a designer at KOP. A booth design is the foundation for every trade show participation, and Luuk ensures that this foundation is rock-solid. Together with his team, he ensures that the objectives for each project are clear, and based on that, he comes up with the most beautiful designs. In addition to designing at KOP, Luuk also enjoys creating in his free time. Almost all the furniture in his house has been made by him!

"What I find cool at KOP is that we are truly a team. We brainstorm and design everything ourselves, and then we also execute it ourselves!"

Did you know...

Can't stand:

When people are sneaky. 

Favorite fiid:

I like everything! Except pickles and olives.

Best show:

Breaking Bad and Vikings. I even named my cat after a character from Vikings, namely Floki.

Best holiday destination:

Number one on the list is New Zealand. In between my studies, I traveled for 10 months, first through Southeast Asia and then through New Zealand. In New Zealand, I had various jobs and saw a lot of nature, which was truly amazing!

You can wake him for:

Savory snacks. A croquette sandwich, for example!

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