Tim ter Weeme
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Tim ter Weeme

Tim works in the workshop at KOP, where he does the preparatory work for all the booths and interiors. Among other things, he prepares walls, casings, and tables so that everything is in top condition when it's transported to the trade show. He lives conveniently close by in Apeldoorn, where he enjoys playing a game of soccer. Besides that, he's always up for a party and can often be found with family and friends.

The best part of my job is the team. It's a great team to work with. The company is growing, and that's nice to see.'

Did you know...

Can wake him for:

Special frikandel sandwich!

Take to a deserted island:

His girlfriend Chantal and as many more people as possible. What do they say again? The more, the merrier!

Best show ever:

Flikken Maastricht.

Best holiday destination:

Turkey remains a favorite, for sure.

De beursstand van Belimo op de VSK

Most memorable project

I see almost all the projects go by. I'm responsible for tasks like sanding and puttying all the wooden elements. Many parts of our projects are reused. Cleaning and maintaining these parts is, therefore, crucial! This way, the components can be reused in our upcoming projects.

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Tim ter Weeme