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Do not be afraid to be in lead.

We are experienced interior & exhibition builders, craftsmen, creative people and exhibition enthusiasts.

KOP creates a visualization of your strong brand. A concept that lasts. That you see, hear and feel. A concept that you experience. A spot that inspires and activates.

The KOP team makes the essence of your story tangible. Until the heads and hands are worned. And in such a way which captures your story for your ideal customer precisely. How do we know? Because we first arrange their needs, problems and pitfalls. This way we stay focussed.

Your brand deserves to be experienced. Our concepts will make it reality.

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 Sustainability, technology and innovation are in our DNA

How do we develop your ultimate interior design or exhibition concept? That is the question we keep asking ourselves. We'll do everything to create valuable encounters between people who can strengthen each other for business. We'll help you grow with next-level interiors & exhibition concepts. And of course we gain more experience every day. How else can we keep up with each other?

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Did you know that...

Many of our colleagues are crazy about mountain biking and cycling?

A part of the team takes part in Duchenne Heroes every year, where we ride 700 km a week to raise money for children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. In addition, we are proud main sponsor of top athlete Jeroen van Eck!


We have our own office dog?

His name is Teun and provides extra coziness in the office. In addition, the cuddle content raises and security is also provided.

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We are an accredited training company?

With this we play an active role in educating a new generation of employees and professionals within our field. By becoming an accredited training company, we provide students and apprentices the opportunity to gain practical experience, develop their skills and prepare for a successful career in our sector.


We're affiliated with CLC-VECTA?

This trade association is for companies that are involved in organizing, accommodating, and facilitating trade shows. This gives us access to an extensive network and opens doors to partnerships. As a customer, you benefit from a wide range of options for your exhibition participation.


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We have our own gym?

This is the place where many colleagues blow off steam every week. We also do this during working hours twice a week. This helps us to stay fit and focussed during the week.


You always are welcome to visit us for a chat and coffee?

We always have time for coffee. So, do we meet soon?

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We're IFES member for years?

The International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) is a network of global stand building experts. Reliable partners we can count on when we literally push boundaries. So that when you participate in an intercontinental trade show, we ensure that the design and realization of your stand are perfect.

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