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Project manager

Vincent Muis

Vincent lives in Zwolle with his wife, two boys, and their cat Casper. He regularly programs handy gadgets for his home, like having his coffee maker automatically brew coffee when his alarm goes off. Don't we all want that? Vincent works as a project manager at KOPexpo. He serves as the link from the creative design phase to the physical booth design at exhibitions. With his creativity and technical insight, he always manages to find the right solution. 


"KOPexpo is a tight-knit and motivated team where clear boundaries and opportunities are outlined. The work is both creative and technical, which is why it appeals to me greatly, both professionally and personally!"

Did you know...

This is what a day off looks like:

On a day off, I make American pancakes for my sons, take it easy, cook an elaborate meal, and enjoy bouldering.

Favorite food:

T-bone steak! 

Can wake for:


Favorite podcast:

100% Thijs

Can't stand:

Cotton/fabric in my mouth. For example, when people bite on the strings of their sweater.


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