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Standbuilding is about so much more than just standbuilding. It is about creating brand experiences based on brand identity, culture, interaction and data. These elements together enable us to create unique exhibition concepts. We take the creative space to deliver a temporary space where your customers and network comes together to feel and experience the story of your brand. Curious how we can bring your brand to life in a stand design?


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About KOP

Custom stand construction Honda Cars

Custom stand construction

Every brand is unique. Show what distinguishes your organization in the market during your exhibition participation. Give us some creative space, and we will translate the unique character of your brand into an impressive exhibition stand.

Custom made stands Custom made stands
Standbuilding Rabobank Provada

Sustainable stand building

We like to take responsibility in our daily work. That is why, as a stand builder, we deal consciously with people, materials and logistics. If we go one step further, we make your exhibition stand as sustainable as possible.

About Sustainable stands Sustainable stand building
Experts in de standouw KOPexpo

Experts in stand building

With more than 15 years of experience in designing, building and dismantling various stands and brand experiences both nationally and internationally, we can for sure say that we are professional stand builders.

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Which stand type do you choose? 

Creativity can often not be pigeonholed. Is a simple corner stand enough or are you looking for a floor stand with a complete built-in meeting room? We get the most out of every square meter and ensure successful meetings. For example, a front stand offers openness, an island stand with four open sides maximum visibility, the floor stand doubles your space, a row stand offers space for visual expressions on the walls and a corner stand offers exposure to the aisle and wall space.

Standbuilding Fespa
Standbuilding Sandd
Standbuilding össur
Standbuilding SNBC

In numbers..


Realised exhibition stands

On which innumerable cups of coffee were drunk. 


Happy customers

These are the brands we have worked together with in the past 15 years! 



Did you know that more than 40% of our projects are done internationally?

Get inspired

KOP likes to think along with your organization to develop a standconcept that fits your goals and requirements. Will you be exhibiting in Dubai or Utrecht? A small or large stand? Wherever or whatever it gets, trust us. With our process-oriented approach, we ensure that your stand shines, wherever in the world. Curious about which projects we have already completed? View our portfolio if you want to see the different stand construction projects and if you want to know what our customers say about us.

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Belimo VSK 2022

VSK Utrecht

“Everything comes together perfectly in this stand. Our partnership is truly a Double Win. Two parties that pursue and represent each other's interests. That is partnership” - Richard Daamen Belimo

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Standbuilding Esdec Intersolutions

Intersolutions Ghent

"KOPexpo has the creativity to set up a stand that is both functional and striking. The team ensures quality and original design at every location." Laura Brown Esdec

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Standbuilding Mogelijk Provada

Provada Amsterdam

"After discussing what atmosphere we wanted to radiate, what we thought was important and which materials we were interested in, KOP translated this into a design that was spot on almost immediately!" Annemieke Schoonderwoerd Mogelijk BV

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Standbuilding GoodHabitz

Learntec Karlsruhe

"One of the most important elements in creating this concept was the importance of a multi-use stand. The result? A stand that is built in such a way that it is adaptable. But always with the same story and impact". Mark Faes GoodHabitz

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Standbuilding Auping Keulen

IMM Keulen

“From start to finish it really felt like a team effort. Together we came up with a minimalistic but powerful concept. The sustainable theme was reflected in all facets. This was really a stand to be very proud of." Sven Pechler Auping

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It is our passion to create valuable encounters between people and companies. Are you looking for a unique exhibition concept?

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The ultimate exhibition concept

At KOP, every exhibition participation follows the same process. We have one comprehensive approach full of craftsmanship for every exhibition. Except when it comes to brand experience, which is unique for every exhibition participation. The unique personality of your brand is central to this. That is why we customize your stand in order to realize distinctive and creative stands. This is possible because we work in-house with a team of specialists for every step of the process. The quality is therefore guaranteed from start to completion for the success of your exhibition participation.

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Stand out with your stand

A fair should be more than a meeting place. It is a place to get people moving, to stimulate the senses. You ensure that visitors visit your stand by means of technology and innovations. This way you can get the whole world in your stand with virtual reality. Or tell your brand story using interactive projection, which allows visitors to interact with your stand in an accessible way. There are also physical ways to trigger visitors to visit your stand. You can use various expoboosters for this, such as fresh smoothies, delicious coffee or homemade stroopwafels. Good content is also important for your marketing strategy afterwards. Content, such as stand photography and video, means that you can put your exhibition participation even more in the picture.

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