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Norbert Bongers

Norbert is a calculator at KOP. He ensures that all projects, including required materials and hours, are meticulously calculated down to the last detail. He likes to scrutinize them with a critical eye to deliver a perfect estimate to every client. Norbert has two children and lives with his girlfriend in Rijssen, where he often fires up the grill for a well-cooked piece of meat.

‘What I like most about KOP is the dynamic and innovative working atmosphere. Additionally, I find the passion and dedication with which we do our work to be particularly inspiring to witness’ 

Did you know...

Loves to watch:

Soccer, psychological thrillers, and I absolutely love watching Louis Theroux.

Can't stand:


You can wake him for:

Well, preferably not!

Best holiday destination:

South Africa, the nature is stunning, the food is delicious, and the people are really friendly. 

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