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Account management

Wouter van der Gouw

Wouter is an account manager at KOP. He really takes the time to get the most out of a conversation. Due to his curious nature, he is always very involved with his clients, as well as with the KOP team. Helping, meeting, and getting to know customers better is what he loves to do most. He translates these meetings into the studio, where the most beautiful trade show booths and interiors are created.

In his free time, Wouter enjoys sports. Soccer is his top favorite. He also has his own racing bike and often goes running.

"The best part of my job is that you get to work with all kinds of companies and people from every type of industry, and ultimately come together to achieve a result that is really something to be proud of!


About Wouter...

Best holiday destination:

I snowboard in Austria with friends every year, which is awesome. In the summer, I find Vietnam the most beautiful. The nature, beaches, and cities are stunning. People here are very calm, and it's a bit more primitive than other countries in Asia.

Best show:

Suits, Mike and Harvey. I love the way they approach everything in these series, and they're very enjoyable to watch.

KOP in a few words:

Involved, professional, and innovative

Favorite food:

Asian noodles with vegetables and chicken.


Most memorable project

As a sports enthusiast and soccer lover, I find the 100% Soccer project really cool. The modular elements in the store really highlight the products and give visitors an ultimate experience.

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Kantoor fotos Website Wouter van de Gouw (20 van 57) web