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Going to a trade show for the first time

Going to a trade show for the first time, how do you approach it?

Ultimate trade show booth briefing

The ultimate briefing for your booth designer: how to write it!

Formulating trade show objectives

Formulating trade show objectives: how to do that?

4 steps to get a sustainable exhibition stand. Discover how!
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Effective post trade show lead follow-up

In 4 steps towards effective post trade show lead follow-up

Standbuilding for Samsung

The maximum return from your exhibition with these smart tips

Tips for a Successful Trade Fair Preparation

8 Tips for a successful trade show preparation

This is 10 years KOPexpo

This is 15 years KOPexpo

Sustainable stand construction: PROVADA provides tools for greening

6 giveaways for a sustainable event

7 tips to radiate your company story through the interior design

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4 shop interior design tips by Wouter

KOPexpo pick-up lines for trade shows

20 effective pick-up lines for trade shows and events

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Get more leads with KOPexpo’s tradeshow training modules

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