Senior Project Leader Martijn: 13 years loyal to KOP

Laura Ebeltjes
Jun 3, 2024 9:04:38 AM

Martijn began his career at 19 in our workplace. Now, over 13 years later, he is one of our Senior Project Leaders. He leads the team in setting up and taking down stands, both in the Netherlands and abroad. With his excellent maneuvering, he ensures all materials are delivered on time and to the right place by truck. Read how he finds the perfect balance between weekend and seasonal work, leadership, and fatherhood.


The beginning

Martijn comes from a family who love taking on projects and getting things done with their hands. He even renovated his parents' house. He doesn't shy away from a challenge: “I do everything myself. If I can't figure it out, I ask for help. But I always try it myself first.” This mentality made him a perfect fit for our field service team. But he didn't just end up on this team by chance.

“A teacher recommended KOP as a training company. I was studying furniture and interior construction and was looking for a place to work 4 days a week. After my application, I had a job interview with owner Marius. Without knowing what to expect, I agreed to go with him to a trade show location where KOP was setting up that day. We chatted in the car, and when we arrived, I started helping with the setup. When my dad called to ask where I was, I could say I got the job.”


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From workplace to Senior Project Leader

Martijn started in the workplace but quickly found that field service suited him better. “The freedom to work my own way suits me better,” he says. But he didn't get that freedom right away. After a few years of working alongside colleagues, his responsibilities grew. This way he took responsibility for setting up and taking down small stands. His attention to detail, ability to deliver perfect quality, and willingness to always go the extra mile brought him to where he is now: Senior Project Leader.

In addition to his work as a project leader, Martijn is also one of our truck drivers and a father. “How do I combine it all? With good planning and clear agreements at home. Working as a stand builder often means long days and a lot of time away from home. That’s a lot for my partner to handle. But we have found a way to manage this well, so there is a good balance.

The flip side is that sometimes I get several days off in a row. I love spending that time with my family and staying active. It also gives me a chance to do completely different things. For example, I visited the daycare center where my partner works, with the KOP truck. The kids got to explore the truck inside and out. They absolutely loved it!"


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No typical workday

No day is the same in field service. Our guys work at different locations and build different stands each time. But we asked Martijn to describe an average workday. “I start with a meeting with the project manager. We discuss all the details of the stand we’re going to build. Then we load the truck and drive to the trade show. Once there, we check the location, unload the truck and I assign tasks.

During such a day, we work hard, but there's also time for a joke. That keeps it fun. After work, we have a good time also. Our work takes us to interesting places like London and Barcelona. In London, we took a cable car from one side of the city to the other. You don't experience that quickly in an office job!

But of course, work must be done. We aim for the best result. When we have built a stand, we critically look at the result. Only if we really can't find any improvements, it’s done. This standard ensures that every KOP stand is rock solid.”

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The secret behind 13 years of loyalty

Marius Bos, owner of KOP; "Martijn may be a man of few words, but he keeps his promises. He is the backbone of the team that sets up and takes down stands. Reliable, loyal, and quality-driven."

Martijn has been with us for over 13 years. And we couldn't be happier with him and his drive to deliver only the best results! What keeps him motivated? “A good reward plays a role, but mostly the team spirit. My colleagues really feel like comrades. I also appreciate the support I get from KOP, like good tools and the opportunity to take courses.”

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