The roughest guy in the company: Senior Project Leader Nick

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Jul 8, 2024 10:47:27 AM

Nick (41) is the roughest guy in the company, if you trust the sticker on his toolbox. But behind his rugged appearance is a perfectionist who has been delivering flawless stands for the past 9 years. Not just at work, but also in his free time, he doesn't shy away from a project. Need a dormer window installed or some demolition done? Nick's your guy. Read about his life as a stand builder, which he says is all about working hard and then relaxing just as hard.


Building succes: Nick's KOP story

Nick’s journey to KOP wasn't typical. As a self-employed bricklayer, he had done jobs at KOP’s owner Marius's home for years until he was ready for a new challenge.

Marius needed guys like me. I joined KOP and started right away in the field: building and dismantling stands. Sure, I had a lot to learn, but as a self-employed bricklayer, I had already taken on various projects for construction companies. The work wasn't foreign to me. I knew right away this job was perfect because I love creating things with my hands.

After two years, Nick was ready to lead his own projects. This began with small stands and grew into larger ones. Now, as a Senior Project Leader, he delivers stunning stands both domestically and internationally with his team. When it's time to head to a trade show location, he often drives the truck loaded with materials and tools himself, showing his dedication and versatility!


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A perfect fit 

As a stand builder, you need to improvise. Things always go differently than expected. For Nick, that's where the challenge lies. “When things go off course, I get excited. I have to come up with a solution before the deadline. This keeps my job interesting. In the end, we always fix it, no matter what.”

Working as a stand builder is a lifestyle you must fit into. You need to be willing to work long hours and be away from home a lot. Luckily, Nick has things well-organized at home. “My wife Femke is the stable base. She mainly takes care of raising our daughter Yara. On the other hand, I often take my daughter to school. Not every job allows that. And this summer, I'll have 9 weeks off. Then I'll have all the time for my family, friends, and relatives. Plus, I have several projects waiting for me at home. The floor needs to be redone because we're getting underfloor heating. No problem, because doing nothing is not an option for me. I can spend evenings working on my technical Lego or tinkering with a cross-country car with a friend. In short, the life of an exhibition builder is working hard and then relaxing just as hard.”


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Trade show adventures

A project leader makes sure that a trade show stand is delivered perfectly and on time to the client. He discusses all the details with the project manager beforehand and, once on location, assigns tasks to the rest of the team.

How does Nick ensure every stand is in perfect order and ready on time? “I'm known for being very clear: this is how I want it, and that’s how it should be done. If things go wrong, we work longer, and if I see something isn't right, it must be redone. Whether it's a small or large stand, every stand must be delivered perfectly.”

But there's also room for fun. “That’s important because we spend long days together. After a hard day's work, we often unwind with a beer at the bar and a nice meal. That's one of the perks of our job. We travel to different places in Europe, so we might find ourselves in a restaurant in Munich on a Monday evening.”


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Strong but sympathetic

Nick's dedication, craftsmanship, and knack for finding solutions make him an ideal project leader. With his tough appearance and kind heart, Nick is not only a hard worker but also a colleague we can always rely on.


Want an awesome stand?

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