Angela: Financial whiz & adventurer

Laura Ebeltjes
Jun 12, 2024 4:08:28 PM

Angela (49) is a financial whiz, Personal Assistent to KOP's owner Marius, and she manages all our HR tasks. Besides that, she has an adventurous side and can be found just as easily on the ski slopes in Austria as spending a weekend in Paris. Her contribution to our team is very important. It's time to discover Angela's versatility!


From application to success

"One Thursday evening, I came across the job opening for Finance & Personal Assistent at KOP. I was looking for a new challenge and sent in my application right away. That Monday, I got a call from Marius at 10 AM, asking if I could come in for an interview at noon. Two days later, everything was settled, and I started soon after."

Since 2021, Angela has been a key member of our team. "With nearly 30 years of experience in Finance, I felt at home quickly at KOP. Here, I found an organization that fits me well; you need to be hands-on. I come from an entrepreneurial family, so this is second nature to me.

I also enjoy working with mostly men. There are women here, but most of my colleagues are men. The (sometimes crude) jokes they make during breaks are something I enjoy. It helps me to really switch off from work mode!"


You only live once!

Angela is always up for a spontaneous adventure. "You only live once" is her motto. Whether it's a motorcycle ride to the TT in Assen or a long weekend in Greece with her partner Wieger and friends, Angela seizes every opportunity to get out and explore.


KOP -Angela-7


Finance, party's & fruit baskets 

Within our organization, Angela wears many hats. Besides her meticulous work in Finance, she also takes care of 'lighter' tasks. "In Finance, I'm responsible for processing invoices and preparing monthly reports. This requires alertness. But I balance these detailed tasks with things like ordering a fruit basket for a sick colleague or helping organize our company party."

She also handles everything related to HR. "I take care of contracts and salaries, but I also send KOP baby onesies to colleagues expecting a child." And if you've ever called us (if not, what are you waiting for?), there's a good chance you've spoken to Angela. She directs calls from clients and suppliers to the right colleague. "And if you have a financial question? I'm always happy to help."


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The essential connection

We are incredibly happy to have Angela as a pillar of support within our team. With her life and work experience, she teaches colleagues a lot. Her versatility, spontaneity, and precision make her an indispensable link.

"What I appreciate about Angela is that no matter what I ask, even outside of work hours, she is always there for me. It's never too much for her, and she always handles everything well and quickly. She can never leave!" said Marius.

So the next time you call us, you'll know who you're speaking with! Have a question now? Don't wait any longer and get in touch.


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