Honda Motorbeurs
Utrecht, The Netherlands
592 m²
KOP team member
Wessel Sio

Honda at Motorcycles expo

Honda at Motorcycles expo

Honda was clear about their objectives. They wanted a converting exhibition stand. After disappointing experiences with the previous standbuilders, they were looking for a true ''partner" with whom they could work towards a long term collaboration for multiple events. 

''A spacious standdesign with urban elements''

Standbouw Honda Motorbeurs

Final result

The common thread during this tradeshow participation for Honda was spaciousness and having a good overview. We created a fresh vibe on the stand using white and red colors. We have developed high-tech motorcycle stands for the motorshow and to emphasise the urban feeling. In addition, the entire stand is equipped with street lighting.

Standbouw Honda Motorbeurs1

About Honda

Honda believes in 'the power of dreams'. Because by dreaming, you will be challenged, according to founder Soichiro Honda. In 1948 their first engine came out of the factory. Honda settled in America in the 1950s. Here, they succesfully focussed on innovation. In the years that followed, they kept producing innovative engines and in 1969 they produced the first car. This new market felt good, and in 1973 they made their first outboard motor and in 1984 they introduced their first lawn mower.


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