18-1578 Rabobank - Kopexpo (72 dpi)
Provada 2018
210 m²
KOP team member
Linda Scholte
Account manager

Rabobank at Provada Amsterdam

Rabobank at Provada Amsterdam

We immediately got excited when we were asked to design a sustainable and circular exhibition stand for Rabo Real Estate. The stand didn't just had to look sustainably, it had to actually be sustainable. With this in mind, we started the development of the first sustainable and circular exhibition stand of this size in the Netherlands. 

"A couple of materials we used were cork, recycled plastics, and recycled rubber "

18-1581 Rabobank - Kopexpo (72 dpi)

Final result

Curious about the end result? Watch the video and find out which design- and material choices we made. Think about cork walls, furtniture made out of plastic bottles and recyclable rubber. 

18-1579 Rabobank - Kopexpo (72 dpi)

About Rabo Real Estate

Rabobank finances large and small real estate projects throughout the Netherlands. Rabo Real Estate Finance facilitates entrepreneurs to invest in future-proof real estate and to achieve a healthy return on these investments. As a cooperation, Rabobank focuses in particular on sustainability, transformation and innovation and there is plenty of attention for local communities. This way they always look to combine financial with social profit.

During the exhibition


"At Rabobank we do not only want to talk about sustainability, we want to act on it. Thanks to KOPexpo's amazing stand design we have definitely managed to do so. The stand looks amazing! Thanks for the amazing stand and the great cooperation, we are looking forward to next year. ''

Roel van de Bilt - Director Rabo Real Estate Finance


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