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Kirsten Verhagen
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Vandemoortele at Horecava

Vandemoortele at Horecava

Vandemoortele has been participating in the Horecava for many years. For the 2019 edition of the Horecava, they were looking for a brand new stand design. The idea? Creating a warm and cozy vibe to invite the visitors to have a chat with the stand crew. Vandemoortele has a wide range of products in their assortment. Presenting these products optimally in the stand had a high priority.

''Fun detail: in each table, a product of Vandemoortele is presented''


Final result

The stand is spreading cozy vibes for sure! The warm color of wooden elements and matching seats immediately give you a comfortable feeling and attract you towards the stand. There is plenty of room for hospitality and a terrace at the front to have a chat with the stand crew. Once you’re on the stand, you are drawn to the beautifully decorated racks and bar, where all the products have been presented in a creative way.


About Vandemoortele

Vandemoortele is an orginine Belgian company that focuses on two major target groups worldwide: artisanal bakeries and catering. Throughout Europe, they supply these markets with a wide range of bread and pastry products, margarine, oils and fats. These products are produced in-house. Vandemoortele supplies their customers with the required ingredients to make their own production possible.


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