Ede, The Netherlands
16 m²
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Lieke Bos
Business developer

Rabobank at JFall

Rabobank at JFall

JFall is the biggest conference for Java developers in The Netherlands. During this conference, the latest trends and developments are being shared by and for IT professionals. Rabobank is the main sponsor of this conference. Their goal: showing visitors that Rabobank is the biggest IT-employer of the Netherlands that after the government and that they can offer a lot of possibilities to talented IT professionals.

''When you see the interactive wall, you immediately want to touch it''

Final result

Rabobank positioned itself in two ways: in an informative and interactive way. The informative side of the stand included a modular Rubiks cube. The different modular cubes of the Rubiks cube served as seats for visitors. Besides this, Rabobank made quite an impression with their interactive activation wall at the conference. The wall has been created out of wood and explains the story that Rabobank wants to tell to the IT professionals at JFall, using interactive paint and projection technology. 


About Rabobank ICT

Rabobank is, after the Dutch government, the biggest IT-employer of the Netherlands. At Rabobank, IT professionals are working on plenty of technological applications that are developed for daily use by Rabobank’s customers. Rabobank is the main sponsor at the JFall conference. With this sponsorship, they wanted to position itself as the forerunner in IT development to target IT professionals with interesting career opportunities.


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