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Project design
170 m²
Featured team member
Wessel Sio

Experience center for Hultafors Group

Experience center for Hultafors Group

Hultafors Group aimed to create a WOW factor with the experience center. A functional space for meetings and product training. The brands Solid Gear Footwear and Snickers Workwear take center stage in this hub of history, innovation, and connection.

"The collaboration with KOP felt very familiar and trusted. We could discuss everything and got excellent guidance. They immediately took the work and worries out of our hands"

Maurice Sileon, merchandise specialist Hultafors Group
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The result

Hultafors Group aimed to create an old-school look and feel for the space, representing Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear. Snickers, established in 1975 for functional work clothing, had its history incorporated into the design: rugged yet timeless.

"The design already had that WOW factor, but this surpasses everything. We were amazed that all of this was achievable in this space. We are more than satisfied," Maurice says.

"The green walls, spotlights, and ambient lighting establish a homely atmosphere. That sense of homeliness ensures that customers and partners enjoy visiting us. They receive product training and updates from us and can also conduct their own meetings at our place. Feel at home with us."

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About Hultafors Group

Hultafors Group develops, designs, and produces products and services that enhance functionality, productivity, and safety in all aspects of a professional's daily practice. A trusted partner committed to synergies and sustainable growth for both individuals and businesses.

With a passion for forward-thinking solutions and a constant search for new knowledge and insights, they discover innovative ways to make a positive impact, enhancing the work and lives of users of their products.

The end result

KOP - Hultafors - Interieur
KOP - Hultafors - Interieur-2
KOP - Hultafors - Interieur-16
KOP - Hultafors - Interieur-20
KOP - Hultafors - Interieur-17
KOP - Hultafors - Interieur-18
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