Standbouw Same Deutz Fahr Agribex
Brussel, Belgium
150 m²
KOP team member
Eelco Haak

Deutz-Fahr at Agribex

Deutz-Fahr at Agribex

We wanted to create a spacious stand for Deutz to welcome farmers, tractor dealers and other Agribex visitors. In the stand, there had to be room for a Deutz-Fahr shop, a lunchroom and several meeting rooms. In addition, 12 massive Deutz-Fahr tractors were to be presented around the main construction of the exhibition stand.

Toys for boys! An multi-level exhibition stand for anyone interested in Deutz-Fahr. 

Same Deutz Fahr Agribex

Final result

The front view of the stand makes quite an impression. A front line with 10 mega machines awaits visitors. All presented tractors were ready to be tested by tradeshow visitors. When walking alongside the tractors you eventually end up at a typical Deutz-Fahr shop which sells merchandise and other branded items. At the right of the shop, several meeting rooms have been created. On the first floor, visitors could find a nice lunchroom and seating area with a great view over the Deutz-stand and the entire exhibition hall.

Same Deutz Fahr Agribex 2017-16

About Deutz-Fahr

Deutz-Fahr is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tractors. The company’s headquarters are located in North Italy, Treviglio, in an area where the business was established in 1927. Eversince, Deutz-Fahr has expanded their business activities trough 13 sales subsidiaries, 155 importers and over 3100 dealers around the world. 


During the exhibition

Standbouw Same Deutz Fahr Agribex 2017
Standbouw Same Deutz Fahr Agribex
Same Deutz Fahr Agribex 2017-5
Standbouw Same Deutz Fahr Agribex
Standbouw Same Deutz Fahr Agribex
Same Deutz Fahr Agribex 2017-30


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