Zorg & ICT 2017
Utrecht, The Netherlands
90 m²
KOP team member
Chiel Rieks

Alphatron Medical at Zorg & ICT

Alphatron Medical at Zorg & ICT

Alphatron Medical is a provider of ICT and technology-related solutions for the healthcare sector. A sustainable and innovation driven company with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of care processes and healthcare providers. For Alphatron, the continuous driving force for improvement is the daily routine of healthcare providers. Good care and attention to detail at user level speeds up the acceptance of new technology and innovation.

"The healthcare flow captured in an exhibition stand"


Final result

We were asked by Alphatron if we could develop an exhibition stand for the Zorg & ICT2017 in which they could present a multimedia presentation the visitors of the exhibition. Besides the presentation, the stand required enough room for daily information sessions. After the exhibition, the stand would move to the new office of Alphatron Medical at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. There, it would become part of Alphatron's training and expertise center.


About Alphatron Medical

For an optimal experience of Alphatron's ICT solutions, the stand has been executed in a round shape. The exhibition theater, as Alphatron likes to call it, shows a continuous presentation of their "healthcare flow" solutions throughout the stand. Visitors can follow the presentation from the couch in the middle of the stand. The round shape brings out an optimal atmosphere creates an impressive experience for the viewer. Since the theater has been relocated to Alphatron's Experience center after the exhibition, we solely used high-end materials to develop the theather. The theater is now open to public at the Alphatron Experience Center in Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

“KOPexpo has built wonderful exhibition stands for us which truly reflect our company mission and show visitors that our business takes care of even the finest detail. The people behind KOPexpo are great to work with as they perfectly translate our wishes into the perfect stand. This way, we always start our tradeshows confidently.”

Harald Verloop - CEO Alphatron Medical 

During the exhibition



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