Hit the bullseye with 2024's Top 4 Exhibition trends

Laura Ebeltjes
Nov 23, 2023 9:04:36 AM

In 2023, we saw some exciting changes, like sustainability and interactive experiences. The even better news? These trends are not slowing down; in 2024, they're set to become even more impactful. In this blog, we delve deeper into these trends, offering practical insights to make your brand shine at trade shows. Discover how to smoothly integrate sustainability into your booth design, use smart technology to strengthen your message, and create experiences that engage your audience. In a nutshell, keep reading and get inspired!


1. Smart tech for your trade show booth

Technology is your secret weapon for making a splash at trade shows. Engage visitors in interactive environments that bring products and services to life. For instance:

  • Interactive touchscreens & digital displays

With a simple tap on the screen, visitors can access product information, watch videos, or engage in interactive presentations. These technologies make your booth both interactive and informative, getting visitors actively involved in their exploration.

  • Projection mapping

This technology improves your product presentation by projecting the contours of your product onto the actual object. This adds complex details to your product's appearance and brings moving graphics and effects to life.



Projection mapping. Credits: adlib.co.uk


  • Virtuele (VR) & Augmented Reality (AR)

With a VR headset, visitors are immersed in a specially designed virtual world created just for your brand. They can look around in 360 degrees and actively navigate this digital environment.

With AR, they simply open an app on their smartphone, point the camera at a specific area or object at the booth. Once the AR app recognizes the space, it overlays digital information like prices and specifications.



VR application. Credits: casagrandeblog.com

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI provides valuable insights into your visitors. It helps you collect detailed information about their behaviors. It's crucial to follow privacy regulations and inform your visitors about the use of AI and data.

1. Expecting international guests? Employ AI language translation tools for smoother communication.

2. Implement AI assistants to guide visitors to information, products, and services.

3. Make the most of AI for real-time data analysis, monitoring visitor flows. 

4. Chatbots handle questions, keep attendees informed, and provide information. 

5. And with AI-matchmakingsoftware, you can analyze visitor data based on their interests, professional backgrounds, and location. In summary, AI unlocks a world of opportunities to enhance your trade show experience.


2. A green & sustainable booth

Embrace natural design trends to infuse your booth with a welcoming atmosphere, making visitors feel at ease and eager to engage with you and your brand.

  • Sustainable materials

    Give your booth a sustainable touch by opting for recycled and reusable materials. Think recycled wood and flexible modular structures. This not only reduces your environmental footprint but also maintains the allure of your booth.

  • Energy-efficient lighting

    LED lighting is gaining popularity due to its energy-saving capabilities and long lifespan. Smart technologies can automatically adjust lighting levels based on crowd density or the time of day.

  • Natural elements

    Bring the outdoors into your booth for an instant welcome vibe. Toss in green elements, real or faux, inspired by nature. It's not just charming; it's also good for your well-being. It lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and stress hormones while supercharging concentration, productivity, and creativity. Win-win!



Green elements in stand building for Rabobank


3. Designtrends

In 2024 it's all about warmth, coming to life through colors, materials, and shapes. How you embrace this design wave varies by industry. Of course, we’re here to guide you. The key is selecting elements that align with your company's vibe.

Colors: Infuse your booth with welcoming vibes using warm colors. This radiates kindness and hospitality, making visitors feel instantly at home. Colors have a huge impact on behavior, scientifically proven! Warm tones wrap you in coziness, while "cool colors" on the blue side do the opposite. And for those unafraid, add neon accents for an extra eye-catching effect.

Soft textures: Add a touch of plushness with materials like velvet and wool. Pair it with comfy, rounded furniture to let visitors bask in comfort and feel encouraged to leisurely explore.

Shapes: Organic shapes bring a friendly, soft, and cozy feel, setting an inviting vibe. For instance, an oval table facilitates easy eye contact (friendly), and seating with rounded forms invites people to take a seat (welcoming). Transform your stand into the go-to spot where people want to be.

KOP - interieurtrends Beurs 2024

Organic shapes and warm tones


4. Take your booth to new sensory heights

In the world of trade shows, sensory booth experiences have become a game-changer, transporting visitors to a whole new dimension.

  • Dynamic LED light displays
    These are the visual showstoppers of your booth, instantly capturing visitors' attention. They change colors, patterns, and brightness in real-time, improving your brand experience and delivering an engaging spectacle

  • Aromatic atmosphere
    Imagine this: you use the same scent in both your showroom and your exhibition stand. You're not just crafting a consistent brand experience, but also building a strong association with your brand. The moment visitors catch that familiar scent, an instant connection with your brand is formed. It's more than just a scent; it's a sensory signature that lingers in their memory.

5d5d3481603e08f435c7db539f8de7a2Scent experience. Credits: merkdesign.nl


  • Sound Shower
    With a Sound Shower, you literally experience a 'shower of sound.' This cutting-edge shower is equipped with a specially designed ceiling speaker system with intelligent sensors, delivering speech or music precisely to a designated spot. And when you step out of the zone, it's silent again. Even those around you won't pick up a sound.


Sound Shower. Credits: Squint/Opera


  • Workshops
    If you offer educational products or services, workshops are a great idea. Actively participating in workshops boosts visitor engagement and interaction. They have the chance to ask questions, interact with other participants, and practice new concepts. By providing valuable educational content, you build a positive brand association and gain visitors' trust.

2024 is just around the corner, but is your trade show strategy up to speed? It's time to step up and elevate your booth to new heights. Because the last thing you want is for your efforts at the trade show to go unnoticed. Click here to get in touch and ensure your stand doesn't fade into the background!

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