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Visitor insights

Want to know which routes visitors take walking at your stand? Which products they have looked longest at? And did they even see our newest product? By using a heatmap, all these questions become insights. We provide you with a detailed heatmap of your stand and help you optimising the stand for your next trade show participation.

Use your exhibition stand as a marketing tool!

Visitor data helps organizations to get knowing better their customers and target audience. Behavior, interests and preferences suddenly become measurable, which means that we are able to focus communication on the target group increasingly and in some cases even personalize it.


Count people in and around the exhibition stand

A 3D laser sensor can be used to record the number of visitors at your exhibition stand, at every moment of the exhibition. Data is stored for analysis afterwards. This way you'll get an overview of the peak and off-peak hours. Even better: it's possible to measure the number of people were standing around the newly introduced products at what time. The data is available in a well-arranged dashboard, real-time. So it doesn't matter anymore if you have lost the overview on a well-attended exhibition day, with the digital dashboard you simply have the exact data available.

Visualize activity

We can even go one step further. This way you can determine which places within the stand or which products that are being shown received the most attention from the public. You can measure how long people stood by a product, who of them picked up a product and how long this person paid attention for what you showed. The generated data is stored as metadata (so privacy is guaranteed) and can be analysed. Like this a valuable overview can be displayed and filtered exactly such a way you need as a marketer.

Map the entire customer journey

Through laser sensors, the entire customer journey on the exhibition floor can be viewed. From the number of customers in the stand to the route they mention, from mapping hot spots and cold spots in the stand, to offering the most popular product that is displayed.



"Gain insight into which of your products are viewed mostly by your visitors"

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