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Virtual Reality

Send clients and relations to a virtual world with a lifelike VR experience. Wearing the glasses, you find yourself in a completely another place immediately. By example your newest production line. Or your head office? A sunny field in the south of France? You name it.

Virtual Reality op je beursstand

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated experience that is similar to, or completely different from, the real world. Applications like virtual reality can be used for entertainment (games) and educational purposes (medical or military training). By using VR glasses we can create realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate the physical presence of a user in a virtual world.

In this way, someone can look around in a virtual world, move around it and communicate with virtual people, animals or items.

"Trade visitors can look around, move in, and communicate in your virtual world"

Virtual reality is widely used at trade shows. Often there is a screen where spectators can watch what the viewer is seeing in the virtual environment.

The most common application of virtual reality at trade shows is that companies want to give their visitors a tour throught their office or production line during the trade show.

Producers of yachts use VR to show trade fair visitors the possibilities of their products. Architects and real estate managers can take their clients to (future) buildings with VR. Winemakers take their visitors to their vineyards in southern France. In short: there is an application for every type of business!

"Travel from the exhibition hall to any imaginary place in seconds with Virtual Reality!"

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