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Interactive projection

Interactive projection is a powerful, easily accessible experiential marketing tool to use at trade fairs and events. It's a new way of storytelling in which engagement for you visitor is created in a special way. Whether you want to inspire or present products and services; the possibilities are endless. We are delighted to take you into the wonderful world of interactive projection. Curious about what interactive projection can mean for your exhibition stand concept?

Interact with trade fair visitors

Do you want to let visitors step into the story of your brand? Interact in an accessible way? Do you want to show more than actually is physical present on the exhibition stand? It's all possible with interactive projection.


Storytelling with projection

Interactive projection is more than just a projected image on a wall, floor or item. It is a method to reach your goal as an exhibitor: informing visitors. When we get started with projection we always start at the source: what is your goal? What do you want visitors to see, experience or do? The content is designed and developed based on this information. After this your interactive projection is ready for the stand!


How does it work?

We work with an interactive projection system to create a dynamic interactive experience. The images are projected by an intuitive and versatile system and will respond to the slightest movements. In this manner, trade fair visitors can communicate with the content and are part of an audiovisual brand experience in real time.

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“ Movement, light and sound is what attracts people. Interactive projection has this all ”

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