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Össur at OT World

Össur at OT World

Össur is a leading global innovator in mobility solutions, dedicated to helping people live a life without limitations. They focus on enhancing people's mobility by providing prosthetics, braces, supports, and related care.

"Over the last few years, I've worked with Össur and watched their amazing growth and new ideas from the sidelines. I really admire the company and their groundbreaking solutions."

Linda Scholte - CCO KOP

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During the expo

Össur showcased their latest innovations at OT World 2024 in Leipzig, the premier event for medical professionals in orthopedic care and treatment. Professionals and ambassadors were present to inform visitors about the latest developments and newest products. Throughout the week, multiple demonstrations were held at the booth, and there was an opportunity for a product launch featuring new features.

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The result

The booth subtly referenced the company's homeland, Iceland. The backdrop with mountain rocks, the tall wall decorated with reindeer moss and lupines, added detailed Icelandic touches to the stand. The volcanic island was reflected in the black design of the booth. In the center, a blue ice tunnel provided access to several meeting rooms and catering areas.

There was enough space for product presentations on the various displays within the stand. In the center of the booth, demonstrations took the spotlight. A staircase with a ramp showcased the functionality of their leg prostheses, while two workbenches displayed the skills of the 'naked hand' and hand prostheses. These performed complex tasks such as assembling a bug house or a puzzle, giving visitors insight into the advanced capabilities of Össur's technologies.


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