Utrecht, The Netherlands
74 m²
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Kirsten Verhagen
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Samsung Ambrava at the Bouwbeurs

Samsung Ambrava at the Bouwbeurs

A house that delivers as much as it consumes. This is the central subject of the Bouwbeurs this year, and exactly where the Ambrava/Samsung products come in. With this exhibition stand, we wanted to take visitors with us in the techniques and the use of the devices in real life.  

''We maintained simplicity, whilst presenting many different technologies in one stand design''


Final result

There's no doubt that this exhibition stand represents a house! The lighting is smartly incorporated into the stand design, and the technologies perfectly merged with the stand's elements. The enormous logo makes sure that vistors can recognise Samsung from all over the exhibition hall.


About Ambrava

Ambrava is the exclusive distributor of Samsung heat pumps, air conditioners, and ventilation systems in the Benelux. In addition to supplying these advanced systems, Ambrava is known for its technical knowledge, expert advice and professional support. 


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