OTWorld - standbouw - KOPexpo
OTWorld 2022
256 m²
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Össur at OTWorld

Össur at OTWorld

Össur was founded in 1971 and has since gained extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and market non-invasive orthopedic devices. The latest innovations were therefore shown during the exhibition. An entire program was available to provide visitors with the latest scientific insights, and various demonstrations.

''With daily presentations, demonstrations and scientific insights at the exhibition stand, there were plenty of exciting things to discover''

KOPexpo - stand - Ôssur

During the exhibition

A wall of fame was displayed on the stand, depicting various ambassadors from Össur. All of their ambassadors have a unique ability to motivate, inspire and influence others. They play an important role in drawing attention to the potential of people who are missing a limb. Össur is proud to recognize their hard work and support them in their pursuit of a 'Life without Limitations'. In other words: an indispensable wall in the stand.

Besides the wall of fame, there were numerous presentations every day. So there was something to discover each day at the stand of Össur. There were also plenty of meeting rooms available in the stand, which were hidden behind the back wall of the stand. Visitors and customers could be received here in peace.

Standbouw - KOPexpo - Leipzig

About Össur

Össur is a global market leader in non-invasive orthopedic devices. By providing advanced and innovative technologies in prosthetics, orthotics and compression therapy, Össur improves people's mobility. Össur uses her expertise and knowledge to help people be more confident, safe and mobile, without the injury or condition affecting their quality of life.

The result

OTWorld - standbouw - KOPexpo
Standbouw - KOPexpo - OTWorld
KOPexpo - standbouw - Ôssur
Ôssur - standbouw - KOPexpo
Ôssur - OTWorld - KOPexpo
Standbouw - KOPexpo - Leipzig


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