Food Ingredients
Frankfurt, Germany
85 m²
KOP team member
Marius Bos

Meelunie at Food Ingredients Europe

Meelunie at Food Ingredients Europe

Meelunie's objective for the Food Ingredients (FI) was to create a place where they could invite customers and suppliers to come over and have a chat. In addition, they wanted to attract new customers. In order to achieve this objective, the idea was to create an open stand. 

''This corner stand really embodies the brand identity of Meelunie through in colors and visual elements.'' 


Final result

This corner stand really embodies the brand identity of Meelunie in colors and visual elements. The green and blue elements in the stand are referring to Meelunie's brand colours and the playful bows in front area of the stand are based on the 'M' in their logo. The stand has an open design and a playful interior. 


About Meelunie

Meelunie is a worldwide supplier of starches, sweeteners and vegetable proteins. Their assortment contains a large variety of different food, animal nutrition and industrial applications, such as the potato starch from windmills and the growing range of organic products. With offices in over five continents and export possibilities to more than 100 countries, Meelunie is a big international player in the market.


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