Standbouw Hultafors VSK
Utrecht, The Netherlands
110 m²
KOP team member
Nick Heethaar

Hultafors at the VSK

Hultafors at the VSK

A rough and innovative exhibition stand with plenty of room to optimally present Hultafors brands of workclothing. In addition, There had to be room to enter into discussions with customers, dealers and end-users and fitting rooms had to be made where stand visitors could fit and try all work clothes.

''Craftsmanship and robustness merge into an exhibition stand''

Standbouw Hultafors VSK

Final result

A characteristic exhibition stand with plenty of possibilities for product presentation. Around the stand, four clothing racks have been placed. Each rack represented one brand and hosted the eyecatchers of that particular brand, which attracted the attention of visitors passing by. It was decided to place four racks around the booth where Hultafors could place the eyecatchers of four brands. The closed setup gave the overall stand a high-quality look and a cozy atmosphere on the inside. 

Standbouw Hultafors VSK

About Hultafors

The Hultafors Group consists of six different brands; Snickers Workwear, Hultafors, Wibe Ladders, Dunderdon, Solid Gear and Toe Guard. Together they offer products for professionals such as work clothes, tools, ladders and safety shoes. All products are of top quality and are used most often within the industrial and construction industry.

“Hultafors is one of KOPexpo’s earliest clients. This has enabled us to experience the growth and development of KOPexpo. Even after more than 14 exhibition stands we still experience the same enthusiasm, commitment and drive as when they started. And over the years, they have added a lot of professionalism and skills to their inspirational work.”

Rob van Ingen - Director



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