Brussels Motor Show
860 m²

Honda Cars at Brussels Motor Show

Honda Cars at Brussels Motor Show

This is the brand new stand design for Honda Cars at the Brussels Motor Show 2020! It is spacious, futuristic and offers space for the most innovative electric cars around. With over 550,000 potential visitors, the Brussels Motor Show is a true hotspot for car and motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Europe. 

"The blue luminous circles on either side of the stand show Honda's newest electric models"

KOP Expo - Honda Cars - Autosalon 2020 - Brussel -  StandPhotography #1521 - (Ir)-min

The power of dreams

Luxury, innovation and quality by Japanese standards. These are the keyword for this exhibition stand. Thanks to the impressive rear wall, the dark ceiling and the bright lighting, the stand really stands out in the exhibition hall. The large, luminous circles form an aura around the two models that Honda launches during the exhibition: the Jazz Hybrid & Honda E. The symmetrical design makes this exhibition stand an impressive appearance!

KOP Expo - Honda Cars - Autosalon 2020 - Brussel -  StandPhotography #1534 - (Ir)-min

About Honda Cars

Honda's mission to produce cleaner vehicles goes back to the 1970s, when Honda was the first car manufacturer to meet Clean Air Act standards in the US. The brand has also been committed for decades to the development of more efficient vehicle technology and the establishment of stricter regulations for emission emissions. To this day, the development of fuel-efficient and compact cars is a top priority. Honda's vision has never changed over the years, resulting in the latest electric vehicles.

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