Essen, Germany
80 m²
KOP team member
Marcel Harings
Operational manager

Cazander at Metpack

Cazander at Metpack

Cazander has a close cooperation with Veldkamp Technical Service, VMI Holland and Unimaq. All with an excellent reputation within the canning industry. To participate in the Metpack, they bundled their strengths in a joint stand in which they could present a complete picture of their products to manufacturers from all over the world.

"Windmills and tulips. A true Dutch Design exhibition stand!"


Final result

An attractive exhibition stand with a great vibe and plenty of room for meetings with manufacturers and other visitors. The windmill wings and orange color immediately tell you which country the exhibitors are from. The overall stand provides each exhibitor with room for their own products and communication. 


About Cazander

The internationally operating family business Cazander specializes in purchasing and selling (used) canmaking machines and decoration equipment for the steel and aluminum packing industry. The company, which is established in the Netherlands, is known as a world leader in the steel and aluminum industry.

''Four companies in one stand? No problem! KOPexpo's creativity, personal involvement, carefullness about each detail and the professional construction of the stand made our Holland Park project a great success. We look back on this stand with a great feeling of pride and joy.'' 

Iris Goedegebuur – Marketing Communications Manager Cazander


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