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Standbuilding for INTEX | Spoga+Gafa



Marcel Husen - Sales Manager

 “KOPexpo is a great company with a wonderful team. The young, enthusiastic and friendly team always knows how to surprise us with beautiful stand concepts. Before each event we always get approached by plenty of standbuilding companies, but we always stay true to KOP. Simply because they are the best! We are not the only ones appreciating their efforts. We have received so many compliments from visitors. We were asked several times who came up with the concept. That's when you know you did a good job!”

the idea

the idea

For Spoga + Gafa 2018, INTEX was looking for a brand experience incorporated into their stand. With their 'floaties', the inflatable flamingos and ice creams, INTEX chose for a 'beach vibe'during the Spoga + Gafa in Köln. Elements with water, wood and plenty of color were incorporated into the design to make the creation complete.

The end result

When you enter the stand, a sense of joy embraces you. Because of the use of bright color and the floaties hanging above the tables, you immediately feel like going back to summer. The floor is like the sand under your feet! Various corners were created where INTEX could present their assortment optimally to their visitors. In addition, there was enough space to demonstrate their pools and large airbeds to the public.

About Intex

Intex is producer and supplier of vinyl products for indoor and outdoor use. They create swimming pools, airbeds, inflatable articles, sports equipment and underwater sport articles. Almost every household owns an Intex product. Production takes place in own factories in the southern provinces of China.

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