Zorg & ICT
Utrecht, The Netherlands
80 m²
KOP team member
Albert-Jan van Hasselt
Project manager

Cormel IT at Zorg & ICT

Cormel IT at Zorg & ICT

Profiling yourself as a software company with real attention for the customer. That was the goal for Cormel IT during participation to the Zorg & ICT trade fair. They would like to show what Cormel stands for with a recognizable stand design. It was important for Cormel that there was enough space on the stand for a good conversation with the visitor. All these elements show what Cormel IT stands for: being a hospitable company with an informal character.

"Unique shapes and bright colours make this exhibition stand pop!"


Final result

 You can’t miss or ignore this brightly coloured stand. During the show, many visitors wanted to take a look at one of the four available demo spots. Furthermore, this has a classy bar in the centre of the exhibition stand where visitors can have a chat and a drink. The shapes and colors of the stand evoke the curiosity of the visitors.


About Cormel IT

Providing a good quality of care can be challenging. Think about the changing regulations, competition, price pressure and the demand for more efficiency. Cormel IT Services supports the healthcare professional through an intensive collaboration. They develop, distribute and sell software products that perfectly fit in your specific situation. From home care to youth health care, Cormel IT looks for a solution and does this with employees who most of the time have a background in care.



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