Event and standbuilding trends in 2018!

Rowan van der Veen
May 7, 2018 11:17:00 AM

When you participate in a trade show or event, you can spend hours and hours thinking about your standdesign. What kind of appearance do to want your stand to have, what is the objective you want to achieve with the stand and what makes your stand ‘stand out’ from the rest? This year’s standbuilding trends show that not only design is becoming increasingly important, but also the impression and feeling it gives to customers and other visitors during the exhibition. We’re heading towards a world where ‘experience’ is the center of each and every event. The following trends are all related to creating customer- and prospect experiences during trade shows and exhibitions.


1. Use of audio visual effects

An increasing number of exhibitors chooses to use audio visual effects in their exhibition stand. You can either choose a small or a large screen to show product or company video’s, pictures, an app (with touch screen), or other interactive visuals. The prices of these AV screens/products have decreased over time, therefore it is very attractive to invest in these elements for your exhibition stand. In addition, your brain remembers an interesting image much easier than written content. So why not broadcast your company movie, product information or other creative expression on screen?

Not only screens, but also virtual reality (VR) is increasingly applied to give customers an optimal experience. VR has a innovative appearance; the possibilities are endless and you will certainly attract many visitors to your stand!


2. Bring outside into the stand

  • Companies are increasingly conscious about environmental awareness. More and more LED lightning is used, for example. Using LED lightning is not only environmental friendly, it has a chic look to it when used underneath a raised floor or the edge of a bar.

  • We more often use raw and natural looking materials such as wood and steel. An example of this natural look is the stand of Mijnwebwinkel. It has an industrial appearance. Another example is this Continental stand. A true eye-catcher with striking wooden beams. It has a warm and honest feeling.

  • Besides working with 'green' materials, we see a trend in using botanical elements such as green plants. The majority of exhibition stands have at least some plants to provide a pleasant atmosphere and a fresh look. It makes the stand almost look like a living room. In addition, it has been proved that working in a green environment makes employees happier and more productive. Employee productivity increases with 15% when plants are present. This might work on exhibition stands in the same way, who knows! And besides the increased productivity caused by plants, it is an expression of taste and creativity.


3. Unique and original giveaways

Pens, notepads, you know them. And yes, they are often used at an exhibition, but they are furthest from original. Exhibitors are coming up with more and more creative giveaways. And it works. A good giveaway comes a long way. But coming up with a creative and useful giveaway is not always easy. That’s why we have collected some of our creative ideas and wrote a blog about the best giveaways.


4. From product marketing to perception marketing.

While exhibitions used to be all about showcasing products, we nowadays see a shift towards brand (and product) experience. We already mentioned the virtual reality possibilities to provide customers with a rememberable experience, but also a warm atmosphere, a catchy giveaway and the audiovisual effects provide extra experience on the stand.


More event and stand building trends

Besides these event- and stand building trends, We are always searching for new for creative and innovative ideas to turn into the most beautiful designs. Are you looking for a stand builder or would you like to get more information about our way of working? Please contact us.

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Rowan van der Veen
By Rowan van der Veen Online marketeer

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