8 exhibition giveaways that customers actually want

Rowan van der Veen
Nov 6, 2017 11:50:00 AM

Giveaways have always played a major role during fairs and events. The right giveaways trigger visitors and provide exposure during and after the event. However, many companies miss the mark when it comes up to developing effective giveaways. Useless giveaways often end up in the drawer or trash right after the exhibition. Such a waste, and definitely unnecessary. Time for a new generation of giveaways!

This new generation of giveaways has a number of things in common: they are sustainable, convenient and preferably healthy. Time to shake off the dusty image of giveaways with these 8 items that your stand visitors definitely will want take home.


Sustainable water bottles

Plastic water bottles are more often a no-go during exhibitions. At the same the popularity of sustainable water bottles increases. Especially the doppers or bobble bottles are a great hit. these water bottles are available in various colors and can be printed with any logo or name. These items are perfect for extra exposure after the exhibition, since your visitors are likely to bring their bottle to the office in the next period. 


Cotton bags

You can't have missed them: beige cotton bags with a simple or funny print. These cotton bags are an ideal replacement for the old-fashioned plastic bags that are often used during exhibitions. After the event, the cotton bags can serve as a fashionable and efficient shopping bag or shoulder bag.


Go nuts

The world is eating healthier. Small bags with nuts, pieces of chocolate and dried fruit are therefore a perfect hand out during the show. The're compact in size, have a tasty flavour and provide plenty of good nutritients to stay fit during. Success guaranteed!


Custom earbuds

Does your organization have its own unique sound? In that case, custom earbuds are the perfect giveaway. Many people use earbuds on a daily basis, therefore it's no surprise that they are popular giveaway. In addition, they are easy to customize by simply add your logo to the outside of the earbuds. Have a sporty target group? Choose for sportbuds instead. 



Crazy and funny socks under your business outfit? Definitely! Steal the show at each event by giving your visitors a pair of branded socks. One thing we know for sure. You will not be forgotten!


Custom mugs

It may sound a little cliche, but we speak from experience: beautiful coffee mugs are always appreciated. And since a coffee mug is very useful, they will hang around for years and years in homes and offices. You bet they will remember your brandname. 



We have recently discovered them, and were addicted straight away. Chefpops are handmade lollipops with natural ingredients such as real coffee, vanilla, chocolate and caramel. They are particularly made for adults and make sure you can enjoy your treat for at least 15 minutes (if you dont bite). Definitely a unique and well appreciated giveaway. 


Seasonal items

Umbrellas during fall, bath towels in summer, hats in the winter: these items always do a great job at exhibitions. Seasonal giveaways are very useful and make a perfect gift for potential customers. Print your company name onto the item for extra exposure and possibly add a catchy text or funny image to it to make it an unforgettable giveaway. 


Wanna stand out? 

Besides designing exhibition stands, we can take care of your giveaways. We don't do mainstream, we come up with unique ideas which are completely in line with your corporate identity and target group. More information? info@kopexpo.com

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Rowan van der Veen
By Rowan van der Veen Online marketeer

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