Success in solar energy: 3 different stands, one quality

Rick Westenenk
Dec 1, 2023 10:18:28 AM

Blubase wins the Best Presentation Award this year: the icing on the cake after years of successful collaboration! KOP and Esdec have been combining their strengths for years, and during Solar Solutions in Kortrijk, KOP also gained the trust of sister companies Blubase and CPX. With no less than three stands, each with its unique appearance, the Enstall family stood strong. A logistical masterpiece, especially considering that just a few days earlier, one of these stands was still in Stockholm!

How do you make these companies stand out within the solar industry? According to Nicole Woets, exhibition & event manager at Esdec, you have to keep communicating and trust each other's quality. Hence, we ask her about the key to the exhibition success of Esdec, Blubase, and CPX.


De merken van EnstallThe different brands of Enstall including Esdec, CPX, and Blubase



How do Esdec, Blubase, and CPX differ from each other?

Esdec, Blubase, and CPX fall under one overarching entity: Enstall. The three companies within this parent company all operate in the solar energy industry. However, each company has a different approach, location, and position in this market.

Esdec is a rapidly growing company in the field of mounting systems and products for solar panels. They conceive and provide innovative solutions and are experts in this field. Esdec is a market leader in the Benelux and focuses mainly on the residential and small commercial markets.

CPX focuses on large, complex projects. Each solar project is unique, with factors such as location, roof size, and type influencing the design. CPX guides solar developers, building owners, and investors from A to Z throughout the entire process, from advising and calculating to overseeing installations.

While Esdec only works with distribution partners, Blubase has direct contact with installers. Because Blubase focuses on the residential and small commercial markets, the emphasis is on direct sales. Blubase works closely with the customer.

"Even though they have one overarching parent company, they remain three separate entities. Each company has its own identity and target audience. This means that the brief for creating a booth is different, and KOP helps during the design process to remain distinctive, both from each other and from the competition," Nicole esplains.


KOP - ESDEC - Solar SolutionsStand Esdec during Solar Solutions Düsseldorf

How do you ensure that Esdec, Blubase, and CPX differ in appearance?

Due to differences in target audiences, the booths have a different appearance



During the fair, they showcase products to installers and introduce new products. These are given a prominent place in the booth so they can be easily referred to during a conversation. Since they exclusively work with distribution partners, their booth is geared towards this. Relationship management is important, and there should be space for it in the booth.

For example, during Solar Solutions Haarlemmermeer, a sushi conveyor belt belt ran prominently through the booth so that the Esdec team and visitors could engage in longer conversations while enjoying a snack. Due to the focus on the B2B side, the booth can have a more significant status. Their booth features an award wall because successes should be celebrated and showcased.


KOP - ESDEC - Vijfhuizen-2Stand Esdec met sushiband tijdens Solar Solutions Haarlemmermeer



On the fair, they don't focus on installers but rather on the shareholders at the beginning of a project: builders, architects, and EPCs (clients who make agreements with an executing party for energy services). Therefore, the CPX booth looks more formal and informative. Images of completed CPX projects are also displayed. Each booth provides ample space for in-depth discussions about potential collaborations with new partners



Like Esdec, during the fair, they focus on showcasing products, introducing new products, and relationship management. However, compared to Esdec, Blubase can be a bit more relaxed. With a somewhat "hip" appearance, featuring unique shapes and warm wood tones, the Blubase booth is more inviting. The booth is a place where people enjoy coming together for both a pleasant and informative conversation.


KOP - Blubase - Solar SolutionsStand Blubase - Solar Solutions Kortrijk

How do you trust each other's quality?

Due to the years-long collaboration with Esdec, the Enstall family entrusted the booths of Blubase and CPX to KOP as well. Nicole says, "This trust has been built through years of pleasant collaboration with KOP. They are always ready for us in terms of service and quality.”

Even during times when the collaboration between KOP and Esdec, was somewhat strained in recent years and communication was less effective, the focus was always on quality. Both parties sought suitable solutions that looked forward rather than dwelling on the problem. "By seeking a solution in a relationship instead of accepting it, it shows that the KOP team values a successful collaboration," says Gittan Heijkoop, Marketing Director Europe Esdec.

"By staying in good communication, you keep each other sharp," says Nicole. "This ensures that you bring out the best in each other. Before the fair, we kept checking that everything around and in the booth was correct and that we could trust that what was indicated would be done. In the end, the booth looks the way both of us (Esdec and KOP) envisioned."

A good example was the logistical challenge for CPX. In addition to the booths of Blubase and Esdec, the CPX booth had to be present at Solar Solutions in Kortrijk. While the other booths came directly from KOP's workshop, the CPX booth had to come from Stockholm. However, only five days were available between the end of the Elmässan fair in Stockholm and the start of Solar Solutions. A logistical feat.

Nicole says, "To get this on the right track, you have to have some skill. Fortunately, Vincent (project manager at KOP) is someone who quickly adapts to challenges and continues to communicate effectively, even under time pressure. During Solar Solutions, he always had his finger on the pulse. This gave me confidence."


CPX - Stockholm - KortrijkStand CPX - Stockholm (L) and Kortrijk (R)


How did Solar Solutions in Kortrijk go for you?

We participated in Solar Solutions in Kortrijk for the first time. Additionally, October is the last month when installers can go on the roof before the season is over. And this new fair is likely too close to the much more famous INTERsolution in January in Ghent. All in all, this resulted in slightly lower attendance than hoped."

"Ultimately, every fair is fruitful for us. That's why we always go to the fair floor with 100% effort and make the most of it. Our team has been well-trained in advance with a proactive attitude, and we apply sales strategies like Hunters & Farmers to maximize each participation. The significant advantage of being on the fair floor is that we are in direct conversation with our target audience. We discover what they think of us, what we can improve, or what we are doing well."

This has been effective because the Enstall family went home with an award. The Blubase booth won the Best Presentation Award. "According to the jury, this was due to the open nature of the booth. A friendly informal atmosphere but with enough space for seclusion and a good conversation. This shows that the brand identity, brief, and target audience come together well in the Blubase booth."


KOP - Blubase - team blubase Team Blubase with Best Presentation Award


What is the key to success?

"Remaining relevant and maintaining focus in all aspects of your business. Through training, both physical and online, installers learn to deal with different systems, connections, and conditions. By continuing to inform, we can guarantee the quality of our products."

"In addition, we have a broad range to solve any question. Our calculations are also sharp and accurate. But most importantly, we constantly innovate and respond to market needs, making us always relevant. These principles are emphasized on our fair booths, allowing us to collaborate successfully with partners, customers, and visitors."


Will you also participate in a trade show next year?

Are you participating in a trade show in Europe or within the Netherlands and wondering what we can do for you? Let's discuss it over a good KOP coffee.".

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Rick Westenenk
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