KOP on Tour: 1 stand within 5 days in 2 European cities.

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Nov 10, 2023 10:00:53 AM

The same booth had to be set up twice, but in two different European countries in a short periode of time. Only five days separated the end of the Elmässan exhibtion in Stockholm and the beginning of Solar Solutions in Kortrijk. Nevertheless, CPX's booth had to be present at both fairs. Transport, disassembly, and assembly in such a short timeframe require a lot of preparation and strong collaboration.

Project managers Vincent Muis and Hens Gerritsen were well-prepared for this logistical challenge in international stand construction. How did they ensure that this process went smoothly?


"You have to make sure that you eliminate the chance of errors and mistakes. Leave nothing to chance."



Project Manager Vincent Muis about the logistical challenge of CPX


What was the logistical challenge? 

Vincent: "The challenge was that a booth had to be set up in Kortrijk within five days after being in Stockholm. We had this short timeframe because CPX (supplier to large solar projects) had to be present at the exhibition in both locations. This is indeed a logistical challenge in international stand construction. You have more control over the situation when preparing a booth in our workshop and transporting it to the location. In that case, you can easily check everything. But now, there are more factors at play where you have less control."

The factors Vincent is referring to are that not all booth materials had to be transported from Stockholm to Kortrijk. At Solar Solutions in Kortrijk, CPX had a corner stand, while in Stockholm, it was a front stand. Therefore, not all components needed to move to the next exhibition. The dismantling team in Stockholm needed to be clear about which parts were to go where.

"Because if they ended up at KOP in Vaassen, it would be too late for Kortrijk, and you would essentially have an incomplete booth," Vincent explains.


What made this project complex? 

According to Vincent and Hens, the biggest challenge was the large number of components owned by CPX. These unique parts were produced by KOP and specially designed for the CPX booth. Components such as displays, customer products, counters, and seating were present in the booth at both exhibitions, so they needed to be transported from Stockholm to Kortrijk.

"There is a susceptibility to errors due to time pressure and the complexity for the dismantling team. You have to ensure that you minimize the chance of mistakes and misunderstandings. Leave nothing to chance. This requires good coordination between project managers, with Hens responsible for Stockholm and me for Kortrijk," says Vincent.


KOP - Kortrijk Expo

KOP van at the Kortrijk Xpo


How do you ensure proper coordination with each other?

Hens: "During the preparation, we had weekly meetings. When I was working on my material list for Stockholm, I clearly highlighted and indicated which parts should go where. Vincent did the same for the material list of Kortrijk. In addition, you have to keep communicating with each other. It may sound cliché, but if there's anything: call. In case of doubt or questions: call. Always double-check everything with each other. That's the only way to make it work well."

"As Vincent mentioned, the time pressure makes it complex. This brings a significant risk with it, but through constant communication, we have accomplished this. I also emphasized this to the dismantling team. During the dismantling in Stockholm, I appointed one project leader who was responsible. In this case, it was an experienced stand builder. Together, we walked through the entire stand to discuss what he needed to pay attention to. And also in this case, if he didn't know something: call," says Hens.


CPX - Stockholm - Kortrijk

CPX-stand - Stockholm (L) and Kortrijk (R)


How do you look back on this project? 

Vincent: "I'm glad it went so well, mainly thanks to that coordination. This prevents any interference and ensures smooth communication. Together, we all ensured a successful outcome."

Hens agrees: "I feel good about the whole process. The entire team contributed to the seamless setup and dismantling. I certainly look forward to collaborating with Vincent in this way more often."


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