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Barketing Director


Teun is our office dog. Outside of working hours and on weekends, he lives with Marius, but during the weekdays, he's almost always trotting around the workshop and the office. It's a pretty good life because there's always someone willing to give him a pat on the head. He loves sprinting up and down the stairs and is often found under someone's desk taking a nap. And as for birds on the roof? Teun kindly asks them to leave the roof immediately, although it hasn't been very successful so far.

At the office, I can do as I please. When no one's watching, I try to steal their food. From apples to cookies, nothing is safe.’ 

Did you know...

You can wake Teun for:

A big bone

Teun is champion in:

Secretly eating sandwiches from a colleague's bag. Thanks, Teun!

Come meet us!

Don't be alarmed when you walk in. I like to bark at incoming colleagues and customers.


let's meet Let's meet!
Teun voor zijn hondenhok