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Ruben Geuzinge

Ruben is the marketing team leader at KOP. At 42, he's not only an experienced marketer but also a proud father and an enthusiastic musician. "You can say a lot about me, except that I'm boring."

I hope to excite people about strategy and effectiveness with my contribution. KOP also offers an environment where I can grow and learn a lot. Additionally, I have experience in network marketing, which is ultimately what it's all about at the stock exchange. This is definitely an exciting opportunity, and I'm approaching it with great enthusiasm!

"KOP makes no concessions. Dares to be distinctive in the market. I love a company with distinguishing capabilities, that stands out above the rest. Because if you do the same as competitors, you'll never be better."

Did you know...

We can wake him for:

Dried sausage with cloves, something truly Drents, a province in the Netherlands.

Best holiday destination:

Mexico. That country blends everything together. Cultures, rich history, delicious cuisine, flora and fauna. And of course, the warmth of the people themselves. Additionally, the climate is great all year round.

Favorite food:

American BBQ, Louisiana spareribs. First, smoke them on the barbecue for 2.5 hours. Then, wrap them with honey and brown sugar for another 2 hours, followed by 30 minutes of grilling with barbecue sauce. The meat will fall right off the bone.

Best movie:

There are so many good movies. But my guilty pleasures are American high school movies, like "Accepted," "Van Wilder," and "Dude, Where's My Car?

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