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Portfolio Impulse Info Systems | Zorg&ICT Utrecht

“Past experiences taught us that no two stand builders are alike. However, we are unanimous in our experience that KOPexpo is a joy to work with. Promises are kept, they creatively think along from beginning to end, and the transparent communication enables quick shifts of focus. For us it was especially the personal approach that made cooperation very pleasant. KOPexpo managed to translate our wishes into a beautiful, distinctive, and functional stand that reflects our business.”

Ellen Haverkort - Designer

The question

The question

Impulse Info Systems wants to show what the benefits are of the products they offer in disabled care, rehabilitation, youth care and the GGZ. This includes for example time saving, a clear process and a good quality product. The stand has to look warm and welcoming. Impulse wants to radiate that they exist to unburden for their customers. It also is important that the four markets in which Impulse works are well appointed

The end result

A wideopen stand with a lot of spaces where visitors can talk with the stand crew. With different TV screens, Impulse makes clear what they do and that they work with a couple of other brands under one name. The stand gets more dept through the wooden beams. To complete the stand with a nice ambiance we added some lamps on an orange rope.

About Impulse Info Systems

Impulse Info Systems strives to support, simplify and improve care for clients and care providers. They do this through innovations. Processes, data and (complex) analyzes are translated by Impulse into visual and clear images. Impulse offers their target group a good and healthy working environment, by offering different IT-systems.

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