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Trade show sales training

More leads, better results.

Did you know that almost 90% of all trade show visitors aren’t actively approached by exhibitors during trade shows? As an exhibitor, you miss the opportunity to get into contact with potential customers. It’s a waste of investment. A well-trained stand crew is key to get into the conversation with your target group and to achieve the organization's trade show objectives. A trade show training can help to get more return on your investment!

Module 1 - Kick-off trade show training

With this training your stand crew gets off to a flying start! During this kick-off trade show training, the trainer will be present in the stand just before and at the start of the exhibition. The stand crew will be given smart tools for the trade show to successfully enter into discussions with prospects and to make agreements. During the first hours of the exhibition, the trainer is present to observe the stand crew, to adjust them and to give extra tips that they can use immediately. A very effective exhibition training with quick results!


Module 2 - Trade show training 4 hours

Putting things back on track just before the fair? Determine the objectives and focus as a team? Then the short exchange training might be really useful for your team. Review and practice the most important objectives, discuss do's and don'ts and sales strategies for half a day.

At the end of the training the stand crew has fresh energy to get started for the exhibition. Well prepared and focused for great results!

Module 3 - Trade show training 7 hours

Demonstrable better exhibition results, the ultimate focus on exhibition objectives and a strategic approach for the stand crew. That's what this trade show training is all about.

During this training day the subjects are targeting the correct visitor profiles, how to use triggers, asking the right questions, good lead registration and a strong follow-up. At the end of the training the team works together as a well-oiled machine to achieve the exhibition objectives!


Other wishes?

Every exhibition training is customized. For trade show training, the trainer explores the company, the industry and the stock market thoroughly. Are you looking for a trade show training other than the modules above? Please, let us know!

"After effective trade show training, your team works together as a well-oiled machine"

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