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Style Update gets the best of you

Are you conscious about your look & feel? What effects most? How can you adapt your business clothing to achieve your goals better? Are you looking for more interesting clothing? Do you want to discover the unique combination of your identity color and style? Then Style Update might be something for you!


Get the best out of yourself and show that to others

As a Style and Imago coach, Nynke looks who you are, what you want to affect, what your competencies are and what disturbs you. Together with Nynke you'll discover what makes you distinctive. Your unique factor is very important in this case.
You might be critical and modest about yourself. Nynke teaches you how to twist this into more self-esteem and self-confidence. This has a direct influence on your appearance, so that you're able to affect your own strenght with the right style.

“ Each person is unique and has its own style. I think its fantastic to discover and emphasize that style. It gives me a lot of energy to inspire, challenge and motivate people to look consciously at their presentation to others. I've worked for more than 7 years at business companies. That's why I know the importancy of clothing, even in business situations. " - Nynke

Dressing for business is very difficult sometimes. Do you want to have an uniform dress code within the organization? And how can you add your own identity and taste to this?

STYLE UPDATE lets people increase their self-confidence and image during business clothing advice. By making a statement of identity to clothing. A good mix and match between identity, function and clothing contributes to a better result! You can hire Style and Imagocoach Nynke for a desired image of the entire organization up to training teams of one-on-one styling. We offer three Style Update packages.

“ How you look like, the first impression, is important. Of a business first impression, 63% is your clothing and your outward presentation ”


Style Update Packages

#1  Kick-off: Increase your impact

An interactive presentation about the power of clothing. In which we'll discuss what the organizations objectives (regarding image, visibility, recognisability and personality). During the workshop we discuss the do's and donts of clothing. I'll show you how much the impact of clothing at a first impression.

An inspiring workshop of 1.5 hours in which the employees will see and experience the effect of clothing, like the impact colors, to have the best connection with a customer.


#2  Workshop: Increase your impact + speed date acting sessions

The 1.5-hour workshop 'increases your impact', personal speed-date acting sessions with employees, reviewing clothing, preliminary discussions and evaluation after the exhibition.


#3  Workshop: Increase your impact + personal shopping + presentation coach

The 1.5-hour workshop 'increases your impact', 1-hour presentation workshop with a presentation coach, the personal shopping of clothing for the fair, reviewing the clothing with the employees, preliminary discussion and evaluation after the fair.


" STYLE UPDATE allows you and your company both to grow your confidence by adjusting your appearance. By coaching and advice aspects like image, business clothing advice and presenting yourself convincingly! "

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