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Stand photography

You have put a lot of time into organizing your exhibition participation, and the result is great! How nice would it be if your exhibition stand will last longer than those few days? Have your exhibition stand recorded by a professional photographer and share the photos with your team, relations and on social media!

Increase your reach with a professional photoshoot

Good content during the exhibition is essential for your marketing. Having professional photos of your exhibition stand, you know for sure you've enough good content to publicate.

KOPexpo works together with a team of professional, freelance exhibition photographers. Is there an activity that you would like to be recorded? Do you want a team photo on the stand? Or do you have other special requirements? Let us know.

Everything is possible!


Intex _Spoga Gafa 2018_Keulen_Standbouw_Def02 kopie
KOP Expo - Intex - Spoga Gafa 2018 - Keulen - Standbouwfotografie #6614 (lr)
KOP Expo - Intex - Spoga Gafa 2018 - Keulen - Standbouwfotografie #6553 (lr)
18-1578 Rabobank - Kopexpo (72 dpi)
18-1580 Rabobank - Kopexpo (72 dpi)

Photos of your trade show participation will be perfect to use on social media or in your newsletter!

- Lieke, Marketing Lead at KOPexpo

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(Please note that all our Expoboosters are only available when we also provide the exhibition stand.)